CTN Expo – Lectures on Matte Painting

Well CTN is right around the corner starting up 11/21 and running til 11/24.


I am honored to be part of two lectures for Walt Disney Animation Studios this year.

The first is “The Art of CG Textures, Materials, and Matte Painting” as part of Disney Animation Career Camp. It will be on Friday, Nov 22nd at 6:30 til 8pm in the Career Theater. The panel consists Jack Fulmer, Head of Environments; Benny Huang, Look Supervisor; Michelle Robinson, Character Look Supervisor; and myself, Set Extension Supervisor.

We will be taking you through how we create believable worlds and amazing characters.

The second lecture is “The Art of Matte Painting and Set Extension”. It will be on Saturday, November 23rd at 10am til 11am in Theater 2. Joining me is Suki Lee, Head of Environments, Shorts.

Together we will delve into the world of matte painting at Disney Animation.

Part of this outreach is connected to my last post where we are currently accepting resumes for our Disney Trainee program for Set Extension. Please apply here.

Hope to see you all at CTN!!


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