Ipad Pro vs Surface or neither?

I’ve used a Wacom tablet for years, and I’ve had a Cintiq  for a couple years, but I just couldn’t get used to you. I’ve tried drawing with various pens before on the older Ipads, but none of them felt same as a drawing in my sketchbook or the sensitivity of a wacom stylus. Now, I’m considering either an Ipad Pro or Surface tablet. The advances in the Ipad Pro and pen or the Surface seem to finally hit the mark.  For years Steve Jobs was quoted as never wanting a stylus with it’s devices, but I’m sure glad they changed their minds. The Pencil from Apple is amazing.

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Royalty Free Photography and Paintovers

Royalty free photography is nothing new, stock photography has been available from companies for some time. But now artists have started to use websites like Gumroad to sell their photography individually in a more even playing field with larger companies.

I also wanted to highlight the power of doing a quick paintover on top of a detailed matte painting to resolve some elements of it’s design and look.


Introduction to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a robust imaging program. I take it for granted that everyone uses it everyday and know the ins and outs of it. The below video link is specifically for the introductory Photoshop user with my focus on how I use it for Matte Painting. I hope you enjoy the video.

Sketch work on Castle painting

Recently saw a great lecture by Will Weston at Dreamworks on layout and sketching. He’s a teacher currently at Art Center. Here’s his website: http://www.willwestonstudio.com/

I was recently looking at my old cg render for my castle piece and begin thinking of what Will had talked about. Starting thinking, do I want to tinker with it’s layout.

Here’s the current render:

Image converted using ifftoany

Here’s the tweaking I made (only about 20 minutes of painting/moving elements around):

Image converted using ifftoany