Mash again

Just started digging back into Mash again. Here’s a little tutorial I put together starting where I left off last time. Simple scattering of an object but then getting into high population levels and finding ways to help with that. Using Redshift again as my renderer.

Substance Intro and Live link

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about Allegorithmic Substance Painter or Designer. Substance painter has taken over the game industry as the premiere package to texture assets. Now they are focusing on Live Action and Animation industries. Substance Painter is a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) based Texturing software. Continue reading “Substance Intro and Live link”

Redshift Leaves using Rayswitch and Sprite nodes

In Redshift and Maya to create a double-sided material shader, for a translucent leaf with the Redshift Rayswitch and Sprite nodes. The Rayswitch node always us to made a double sided shader, and the Sprite node always us to cutout our object correctly.

I used a generic SpeedTree Broadleaf tree for this test.


Continue reading “Redshift Leaves using Rayswitch and Sprite nodes”



MASH is a procedural effects built into Maya around 2016. It was originally created as a versatile motion design animations with procedural node networks. People began using it for much more. It’s development within Autodesk shows it as well. Now, it is equally used as a very capable scatterer. Continue reading “MASH”