Retire…how? When?

Everyone tells us we should save. Invest in your 401k. Don’t count on Social Security.

First things first.

Retirement savings is a huge important goal to have, but you also have to look at where you are currently at. Do you have a lot of debt right now? If so, how much are you paying in interest for credit cards? an 17% interest rate on a credit card versus starting to save for your retirement where you money will on average grow 8%, doesn’t make much sense. You are putting the carriage ahead of the horse. Pay down high interest debt first. Continue reading “Retire…how? When?”

Zbrush Basics

Zbrush is a wonderful program but also a little daunting with it’s UI. I’ve recorded a very short introduction to getting used to Zbrush most basic features. It’s just enough for you to move around and sculpt simple objects.

When the unexpected hits

Sorry for no post last week. As some of you know, my wife and I have had our hands full. Two Mondays ago, there was a fire at our house. Luckily we weren’t living in it yet, but it was still traumatic. Good news, no one was hurt and the fire did not spread to any of our neighbors’ houses. Bad news, pretty much half of the house is gone. Continue reading “When the unexpected hits”