Intro to Nuke

I’ve done a projection setup in Nuke video, but I hadn’t made a simple Intro to Nuke. Here’s a quick little intro, it’s a little rushed, but still the basics are there.


Projection Camera setup in Nuke

For Matte Painting doing simple projection setups are a common part of the job. Here I wanted to show a simple Nuke setup of a projection. Attached below is a video I recorded of a test scene of cards in space using a painting I did years ago on the first Kung Fu Panda movie as an example. I’ve got several layers of images on multiple planes at different distance in “z” depth.

I go through the process of setting up a straight forward matte painting projection setup explaining how to bring in your data. First, you need an image you want to project. Then a camera to project from and a simple piece of geometry to project onto. From here you just want to export out your rendered image.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this video. Let me know if you like having a step by step video as part of my blog. I’m thinking of doing more video blog entries. I feel it maybe easier to demonstrate techniques. I’ve found it takes me much longer to write out a step by step approach where as a video is just simpler to show the process.