401ks, IRAs, and Taxable accounts

The end of the year is getting closer and so it’s a good time to look your finances. I usually look at my finances daily (but that’s me). For most it’s a good idea to at least look at it once a month or worst case every 6 months just to see how your investments are performing.

I look at my check stubs every week to double check my¬†401k contributions for the year. It’s under your deductions like social security etc. Your 401k deduction is a percentage of your gross pay. Continue reading “401ks, IRAs, and Taxable accounts”

Substance Painter 1

Now I am delving into the Substance Painter instead of Substance Designer. Again a very clean elegant design and UI.


Let’s load a project. Here is will ask you what type of template material/shader. You will select the Mesh you want to import. The type of file format for the Normal map. Resolution of maps. You can also bring in existing maps you’ve created in other app.


This is a little castle tower I created previously. It comes in as a default white shader. You have a 3d viewer, 2d UV viewer, layers (like Photoshop), properties tab, and a shelf.


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