Clarisse 3.0 and stuff

So Clarisse has released version 3.0 and have been promoting it all summer. This new version of the software is amazing. The team at Isotropix has done some amazing things in 3.0! They increased the speed of the application and added a whole new PBR rendering engine as well. Other new features are enhanced UI, UV baker, volumes defined byu surfaces, and many more.  Here are some videos they have posted to their newsletter.  Great review of it at 3d World magazine.

Also this is the last week before the new semester at CGMA fall classes (the classes start 10/15). Sign up here. I will be teaching a matte painting class again this semester.

Clarisse tutorials

So not much to report about besides I’m going thru Clarisse’s multiple tutorials which are great. I’m knee deep in one called the Island. It’s amazing. Once I get more of my feet wet then I’ll be able to show more.

This weekend, I saw Captain America: Civil War. What a great film and totally worth seeing in the theaters. For a 2 1/2 hour movie it flew by!

Clarisse…oh boy!

Well, I’ve been hearing more and more about Clarisse. My friends, Adam and Scott at other studios have been raving about it. My fellow co-worker, Danny gave me a quick little demo a couple weeks ago. I must say this program is amazing! Sad to say that I saw this program demo’d at Siggraph a couple years ago, and it looked impressive then. I don’t know why I didn’t investigate it then. My bad.

Clarisse is made by Isotropix. Basically it’s a combination of an animation package, compositing software, and 3d rendering engine. The nice thing is it’s very artist friendly and intuitive. It’s lightning fast rendering thru it’s built in CPU rendering engine and memory efficient processing of huge data is just mind blowing. You basically have instant visual feedback.

So I’ve only begun scratching the surface with this great new tool. I’ve been doing various tutorials so I don’t really have much to show. What I will do is show a little peek under the hood.

Basic Clarisse at startup


This is the Browser. It’s basically the Outliner Continue reading “Clarisse…oh boy!”