Clarisse…oh boy!

Well, I’ve been hearing more and more about Clarisse. My friends, Adam and Scott at other studios have been raving about it. My fellow co-worker, Danny gave me a quick little demo a couple weeks ago. I must say this program is amazing! Sad to say that I saw this program demo’d at Siggraph a couple years ago, and it looked impressive then. I don’t know why I didn’t investigate it then. My bad.

Clarisse is made by Isotropix. Basically it’s a combination of an animation package, compositing software, and 3d rendering engine. The nice thing is it’s very artist friendly and intuitive. It’s lightning fast rendering thru it’s built in CPU rendering engine and memory efficient processing of huge data is just mind blowing. You basically have instant visual feedback.

So I’ve only begun scratching the surface with this great new tool. I’ve been doing various tutorials so I don’t really have much to show. What I will do is show a little peek under the hood.

Basic Clarisse at startup


This is the Browser. It’s basically the Outliner from Maya with more tidbits. Clarisse uses something called “Contexts” which for now just think of them as folders.


The 3d Viewer is just like any of 3d package, but you what is really interesting is…


Image View is actually your render window. You can active it by clicking on the Image icon in the bottom. It’s renderer is very straight forward and amazingly fast! It is a Monte Carlo based


Material Editor very user friendly. Node based but also drag and drop based as well.


Attribute Editor, every node element editable attributes. You can lock a certain element’s attribute editor to then drag and drop another element from another menu, like from the browser. You can even select drag into the Image View or 3d View.


What’s great is that Artists can work in whatever external package of choice and then assemble, scatter, texture, light and render in Clarisse. You can import to Clarisse using Alembic, LWS/LWO/MDD or OBJ. It will also output as well.

The scatter tools in Clarisse is another huge bell and whistle for scene assemblies and set dressing. Not to forget complex camera projection painting as well.

Next time I hope to have something that I can actually break apart and show that was completed in Clarisse.




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