Missed yesterday’s post

I was away on a family trip back on the East Coast. I didn’t think to prepare one of my weekly writings ahead of time. My apologies on this. I spent an amazing 4 days with family and friends. The time was short but the company was stellar. We celebrated an Uncle of ours receiving an award at the High School he attended (and most of the family has attended through the generations). It was a special night and equally so because we were all there to support and experience it with him.

Coming back it made me realize or contemplate what do I truly wan this blog to encapsulate? What are it’s full reaches and areas of discussion? I enjoyed last week’s blog on finance but that is a very different niche than the usual visual effects and art posting that I share. I’m still ruminating on this. If anyone has any thoughts please feel free to comment.

Retirement and Personal Finance


This is a deviation from my usual blog posts, but I’ve been meaning to touch on this topic. It is something that affects everyone, yet not everyone deals with it. It is usually tucked away in a New Year’s Eve check box with “I need to eat healthier”. I’m bringing it up now because lately I’ve had some co-workers ask me questions about saving for retirement and personal finance in general.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t the best in this category by far. I’ve had a couple close friends who are very good with their finances constantly advising me to do a better job with mine.  I didn’t listen and boy do I wish I had. One of these friends, Kiyong wrote a topic on his blog. He goes over the fundamentals.  This is the perfect stage 1. Here’s a link to what he wrote: Personal Finance 101

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