401(k) – Changes and Regular or ROTH

Some of you may have heard that this year’s Nobel prize for Economics went to Richard Thaler…or some of you might be wondering, who the heck is Richard Thaler??

He won for his contributions to Behavioral Economics, showing how human traits affect supposedly rational markets. He co-wrote a great book called, “Nudge“. The reason I bring him up is he’s partly responsible for helping convince Congress to overall the 401(k) a decade ago. Congress use his theory in 2006, “Save more for Tomorrow.”  His big take away, instead of Companies asking their employees to sign up for 401(k), he encouraged employers to automatically sign-up employees for their 401(k)s. They could then choose to opt out. That was the nudge to get people to save for their futures. How big of an impact did this auto-enrollment have?  One 2015 Vanguard paper suggested that the practice more than doubles plan participation rates to more than 91% of workers from 42%.

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Inktober begins again…

Well, Inktober begins again! This is the 3rd year I’ve done it. It’s a super fun exercise in daily drawings.

Jake Parker started it in 2009 to improve his inking skills. It’s now become a world-wide sensation.

Here are a list of this years possible ideas for each day and the basic rules.



My October 1st drawing: Lego Benny in Space