The Photo Ark

If you haven’t heard of the Photo Ark, you were in the same camp as me a month ago. My wife showed me an episode of it on PBS. It’s National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore’s quest to document various species of animals before they go extinct. He’s taken 7,297 different species of animals photos so far.


The PBS series documents some of his excursions to get these captivating photos. My wife was able to recently see Joel talk about his extraordinary work and the hardships of cataloging such an immense body of work.


He’s created a book, “The Photo Ark” that showcases what he’s gathered so far and a little bit about his process. It’s a fantastic book and well worth a slot on anyone’s library. You can buy a signed book from Joel’s website as well. While it’s more than Amazon all of the profits directly fund the project.


It’s simply awe inspiring what he’s tried to do so far. A number of species that he’s recorded have either already become extinct or only a handful of them left.


Having this on my library shelf as an amazing reference book is only part of the reason it holds a special place within it.

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