Ergonomics – Desk

Something that is easy to take for granted is ergonomics at home. At work most of the conditions are already predetermined for you. You can spend similar hours at home working leisurely on personal projects that can completely undo having a good ergonomic setup at work. The same ailments you are trying to prevent at work end up happening do to your home pursuits.

Two of the biggest instruments that can contribute to bad posture are your desk and your chair.

Recently, there have been some great improvements to home desks that allow a person to have an adjustable desk so you can go from sitting or standing. Before the prices for these desks were out of most people’s price range.

A good compromise is the Vari Desk


For a low price the Vari Desk sits atop your regular desk allowing you to pop it up so you may stand to work. They have a few variations of style and price.

I considered this until I recently saw Autonomous SmartDesk. Smart Desk is a fully adjustable motorized desk to allow you to set any height on the fly. This way you can easily work standing or sitting. It’s price point is amazing.


The Smart Desk also allows you to save in memory various heights, so you can always go back to the exact height for standing or sitting with a touch of the button.


Both companies also offer chairs, Autonomous Ergochair , Ergostool and VariChair. Both are interesting. These offer variations to keep your back, legs, and stomach active or with correct alignment.


Then there is also active floor mats, which keep your legs and feet engaged as well. These are used to aid circulation and stretching.


Pretty cool items to aid in keeping your body healthier while working from home.