Redshift proxies

Redshift proxies are pretty similar to Mental Ray proxies.

Proxies are great when you are using a ton of objects in your scene (like a forest). If they were all live this amount of geometry would start to choke your view port. If they are proxies the object and it’s material is cached out, and then deferred to when you go to render. Continue reading “Redshift proxies”


There is no shortage of Photogrammetry software these days.

Take a look at this list

Here is a great talk from Siggraph on the process (and using Unity’s delighting software):

They are using Reality Capture for scanning. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to do some tests to compared it to Agisoft’s Photoscan. Autodesk has their own software as well, ReCap. Things have really taken off since the days of RealViz’s Image Modeler.