Figure reference and stuff

So, Inktober surprising takes over my time through the month. I’ve used this website character designs for figure reference. It’s pretty cool.


There has been an increasing amount of places where you can find (either free or small fee) tons of high resolution imagery for reference. Gumroad has some good spots, like Photobash.


Something completely random, my wife and I just watched a new show on Fox, “Ghosted“. It was great mix of goofy team-up secret agent fighting the paranormal and unknown. Worth checking out.


The Photo Ark

If you haven’t heard of the Photo Ark, you were in the same camp as me a month ago. My wife showed me an episode of it on PBS. It’s National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore’s quest to document various species of animals before they go extinct. He’s taken 7,297 different species of animals photos so far.


The PBS series documents some of his excursions to get these captivating photos. My wife was able to recently see Joel talk about his extraordinary work and the hardships of cataloging such an immense body of work.


He’s created a book, “The Photo Ark” that showcases what he’s gathered so far and a little bit about his process. It’s a fantastic book and well worth a slot on anyone’s library. You can buy a signed book from Joel’s website as well. While it’s more than Amazon all of the profits directly fund the project.


It’s simply awe inspiring what he’s tried to do so far. A number of species that he’s recorded have either already become extinct or only a handful of them left.


Having this on my library shelf as an amazing reference book is only part of the reason it holds a special place within it.

Inktober begins again…

Well, Inktober begins again! This is the 3rd year I’ve done it. It’s a super fun exercise in daily drawings.

Jake Parker started it in 2009 to improve his inking skills. It’s now become a world-wide sensation.

Here are a list of this years possible ideas for each day and the basic rules.



My October 1st drawing: Lego Benny in Space


Pay Yourself First


When it comes down to it, you need to take care of yourself first. I know this seems counter intuitive. Think of it when your are on an airplane going threw the safety checklist, “If airbags deploy, put the air mask on you first, then your child“. Think the same thing when figuring out to save for your retirement before doing anything else. If you pay yourself first, by saving for your retirement, then you can move along to all the other items on your list. If you get to it last, chances are you already spent the funds you would have needed. “Pay yourself first” is a popluar personal finance term. Continue reading “Pay Yourself First”

Reworking old piece

Ever have an old artwork that you just kept meaning to get back to and refine? I had this older piece that I had put together for my matte painting class. There were aspects of it that still bugged me that I wish I had fixed. Today I took an hour to re-hash it some.

Original image I started with


I created the buildings using Vitaly Bulgarov’s Sci-fi Megastructure kitbash set. (thanks Vitaly these are awesome).

Image converted using ifftoany

This is the painting I had done for my class


Now this is today’s re-worked piece


There’s still elements I could change and refine, but for now this piece no longer bugs me. On to new pieces and new challenges

Using the Ipad Pro with Procreate

Well, I’ve been using my Ipad Pro for a month and I have to say I really enjoying having a full size Ipad again. I’ve had an ipad mini for several years now. I originally got the Ipad Pro primarily as a sketching tablet, but I’m finding myself using it for everything. Some of the upgrades I got for the Ipad Pro was the Apple keyboard, which works amazing for typing. It’s super sturdy. I got a screen protector for it and it gives some “tooth” when I draw. I recommend a matte finish. I also got a magnetic grip for the pencil. This works great for two reasons; it allows me some grip when drawing and it allows the pencil to attach magnetically top my ipad cover. A win win.

Procreate is awesome to sketch with. I am delving into more of the commands in using it. I’ll have more drawings to share but here’s one of my first sketches on the Ipad.


Have to say a major thanks to my wife, Tamiko. What an amazing birthday gift. I’m loving it!