A week ago, I met up with my friends, Brian and Mayumi, to try out a couple of Mayumi’s drones. We had been thinking about trying Drones out about shooting footage and/or large scale photogrammetry.  It was great to finally give it all a whirl.


We went up into the canyons away from everything. It was a great overcast morning. Continue reading “Drones”

Redshift…oooh yeah!

There has been an explosion over the last few years for really awesome, fast, high quality renderers.The competition is fierce and a lot of these new renderers let you download a free version to try out (some with watermarks, some without on a 30 day preview). Most are actually really affordable now. We’ve seen things go all over the place from old favorites to new hot tickets: Mental Ray, V-ray, Arnold,  Clarisse (it’s more than just a renderer), Octane, Turtle, Maxwell, etc…and REDSHIFT!

redshift Continue reading “Redshift…oooh yeah!”