SpeedTree Wind and FBX into Maya

Going back to Speedtree with one of the generic trees I made, I wanted to try exporting out tree animation using the Wind parameter. It’s pretty simple for the most part.


Click the “Wind Properties” button. This will open the editable attributes for the wind.

Click “enable” which will turn on the default settings. You will see the fan icon on the top right of your display window be on (vs. greyed out). You can change the direction and angle. Continue reading “SpeedTree Wind and FBX into Maya”

Sketch work on Castle painting

Recently saw a great lecture by Will Weston at Dreamworks on layout and sketching. He’s a teacher currently at Art Center. Here’s his website:¬†http://www.willwestonstudio.com/

I was recently looking at my old cg render for my castle piece and begin thinking of what Will had talked about. Starting thinking, do I want to tinker with it’s layout.

Here’s the current render:

Image converted using ifftoany

Here’s the tweaking I made (only about 20 minutes of painting/moving elements around):

Image converted using ifftoany