Blender 2.8


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Blender before. It is an open source 3d software package. It offers a fully complete 3d pipeline tool–modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.

It’s a public project, made by hundreds of people around the world. So many people have started using this amazing software, version 2.8 is a huge upgrade from prior versions. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free!

There is a ton of tutorials and documentation on how to use it. It will take a little bit to get into the UI of the software. I am currently digging into it. Some great things to dig into are it’s modeling capabilities, grease pencil, and many more. The development on this programs has been amazingly fast.

Two concept artists that are doing an amazing job with tutorials on how to use it, Jama Jurabaev and Jan Urschel. Check out their gumroads for tutorials. Jama just released a great 2.8 intro tutorial, which made it easy for me not to have do my own.

More to come on this great FREE software.

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