Inktober 2015

Here is a compilation of my month’s worth of Inktober sketches. I really enjoyed doing them this year. I didn’t start right at the beginning of the month but I did continue faithfully everyday after. I hope you enjoy them. Can’t wait to do this again next year!

10_6_15_inktober_sketch1 10_06_15_inktober_sketch2 10_09_15_intober 10_10_15_inktober_vader10_11_15_inktober_luke 10_11_15_inktober_random 10_12_15_inktober_marvels 10_12_15_inktober_walking_dead 10_13_15_inktober 10_14_15_inktober10_15_15_inktober_rocketeer 10_16_15_inktober_flash_lantern 10_16_15_inktober_kraken 10_18_15_inktober_bladerunner 10_19_15_inktober_gandalf 10_20_15_inktober_predator10_21_15_inktober_bttf210_22_15_inktober_jurassic_world10_23_15_inktober_shogun_warriors10_26_15_inktober_flower10_25_15_inktober_Glenn10_24_15_inktober_TRON10_27_15_inktober_the_blackhole10_28_15_inktober_sherlock10_29_15_inktober_charlie10_30_15_inktober_optimus_prime10_31_15_inktober_vincent_price

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