Substance Painter/Designer

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Substance Painter and Substance Designer, so I decided to try them out.

Substance is created by the company, Allegorithmic. They have created a major player in  texture creation. Tons of AAA game studios utilize their software. Substance has become a leading industry standard in creating PBR (Physically Based Rendering) authored materials. Games like Call of Duty or Uncharted were made with Substance. It is now gaining ground in VFX and Animation.


Substance Painter allows you to texture with brushes, masks, and particles; render and export easily to game engines and portfolio sites. Use and reuse presets and integrated bakers to speed up your texturing. It supports Linux, 8k export, UDIM management, and Scripting API.


Substance Designer allows you to author textures and materials using a non-destructive, node-based, procedural and scriptable workflow. You can edit complete texture sets with the non-linear workflow and see changes apply instantly to all your outputs. You can Continue reading “Substance Painter/Designer”

Vue: VOB objects

Vue Objects or VOB objects are used in the Ecopaint system in Vue.

What is great you can convert a regular object (.obj) into a VOB Object (.vob) to be used in the ecosystem. The only thing you need to do is prepare you object with the appropriate shader first before importing it into Vue.

In Maya, prepare a shader that’s simplier for export. I’ve used a Lambert with only a color map and bump map applied to the object.


Here I’ve taken some of my castle objects ap Continue reading “Vue: VOB objects”

Work in Progress, Part 2

Fantasy Castle

Now that I’ve figured out the lighting setup on low resolution render. I need to further refine this 3d sketch. Since I used World Machine, my UVs and mesh for my geometry are not optimized. UV mapping is a process that places a texure map onto a 3d object.


Think of a texture map in UV space as wrapping paper going over a box you want to wrap.

Now, if I look at the topology of the geometry I got from World Machine, you can see the mesh is not optimized. The divisions are not evenly distributed. Ideally you’d like to see even squares across the form for your texture map.


Import the geometry into another application, Zbrush. Now I am a new user to Zbrush, but I have really enjoyed working with it. Bear with me if any of this seems super simple to regular Zbrush users. Continue reading “Work in Progress, Part 2”