Happy New Year 2019!!

2019 New year greeting card with fireworks

Well, another holiday extravaganza has come and went. 2018 is now a distant memory as we embrace 2019!!

So now I have to ask what are your New Year’s resolutions? What should we all begin the year focusing on?

What did we accomplish in 2018. For me, I am very happy and thankful for much of this past year.  Remember to look back at your 2018 goals/resolutions and see how close you came to reaching them. Celebrate your successes and strategize where you fell short so that this year you may achieve. There are goals I missed and others I succeeded at. Make sure you are specific in your resolutions. The more detail makes them more concrete.

Enjoy this New Year!! This is the last year of the “teens”. Make the most out of it.

New Beginnings

Well, it’s hard sometimes, right? Picking things up and starting fresh.Leaving places of comfort and trust. Going on to the great unknown.

The sad moments of saying goodbye to friends of many many years, walking around the campus with it’s familiar twists and turns, pulling into the parking lot on muscle memory in the morning. All gone now, except for years of wonderful memories, fantastic projects worked on, and friends to last a lifetime.


Today, I start an exciting new adventure of working for Disney Animation Studios. I am profoundly honored to be working for another such distinguished Animation studio.


And extremely terrified. I mean it’s Disney! I remember growing up watching all the classic movies this studio has produced. The old “Wonderful World of Disney” show on TV; where you could see behind curtain on how they made their animated movies, created the wonderful animatronics and rides of Disney Imagineering team, and the man himself, Walt Disney. Ninety six years of history and legacy illuminated into the world with their animation, film, television, theme parks, and more!


Such iconic characters (new and old), the history of Disney is nothing short of spectacular. The home that the Nine Old Men walked down and influenced for the annuals of Animation.

I used to have the book, “The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation“.  It was a fabulous book that I would poor over daily.  It was always a dream to work for Disney some day. I was and am deeply honored to have had worked for Dreamworks Animation for over 10 years and to now work for Disney Animation is like winning the lottery for a second time.


All I can say I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work within these hallowed halls and hope to add some of that Disney magic that so many greater than I have shared for all to enjoy.

An Afternoon with Epic Games in Unreal Engine

I was lucky enough to attend Gnomon’s “An Afternoon with Epic Games in the Unreal Engine” on June 15th.  Andy Hess and Luis Cataldi gave an Introduction to Unreal, a four-hour lecture/workshop. They covered the basics of the program, UI, simple land creation, texturing, and how to incorporate game play/game mechanics. I have been interested in an having an excuse to look more deeply into Unreal and the VR applications of it along with game play.

This event inspired me to look more closely at Unreal and what others have done. A co-worker showed me the amazing “A Boy and his Kite” demo back in 2015. This is stellar. The astounding work put into this. There is an amazing making of for it as well:

Great to watch because it closely linked back to the photogrammetry work I’ve been looking into. The level that they went in terms Continue reading “An Afternoon with Epic Games in Unreal Engine”

Gnomon Live Event: Creating Natural 3d Evironments

A co-worker friend, Brian, invited me to a recent Gnomon live event. It was by Alex Alvarez, Owner/Creator of Gnomon, talking about Creating Natural 3d Environments.


You can watch this event on Livestream in multiple places, either on Gnomon website or Livestream.

HIGHLY recommend anyone to watch Continue reading “Gnomon Live Event: Creating Natural 3d Evironments”

Wonder-Con, ImagineFX, and more

Well, this week was jam packed. Lots of cool things going on. First and foremost, I saw the highly anticipated “Batman vs. Superman” movie.


No spoilers, but I will say it was fun seeing both characters in the same film with some great action and visual effects.

It was also Wonder-Con this weekend. This year hosted in Los Angeles Convention center. Really nice having it so close.


It felt like attendance was much higher than having it in Anaheim, but I’ll have to see the tallies if it’s true. Scores and scores of costume Continue reading “Wonder-Con, ImagineFX, and more”