Siggraph, DW lunch, and Sketching at NHM

Well, this was a great week in LA. From August 9-13th, at the LA Convention Center was 42nd SIGGRAPH conference. It’s an annual educational experience about the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. VFX and Animation studios show their latest work, talk tech, and do recruitment, along with vendors showing their latest and greatest tech. I went on Thursday and had a blast. I ran into various people and friends from DW, Chris Grun and Shadi. Continue reading “Siggraph, DW lunch, and Sketching at NHM”

Work in Progress, Part 1

The Fantasy Castle

I’ve had this idea for a fantasy type castle piece.


I wanted to try a different workflow for it. The mountain hills were to be a type of butte style landmass like out in Arizona/Utah. I didn’t have a program, E-on’s Vue on my home computer yet, so I decided to try using World Machine to initially sketch out some land masses. It is a procedural terrain creator.


Using filters and different parameters like the “Erosion” filter Continue reading “Work in Progress, Part 1”