Time lapse of a Pose

Here’s a time lapse of a pose I did showing some workflow with Daz Studio, Marvelous Designer, Maya and a little of Photoshop.I just wanted to show using Daz to get a pose and export out geometry. I brought that geo into Marvelous Designer in order to create a simple jumpsuit using a sewing pattern I downloaded online. Afterwards I brought both the pose and the clothes into Maya, and adjusted some shaders in Arnold. I did some light paint work in Photoshop to combine everything. The process is pretty straight forward but I wanted to show the hoops to jump through. If you like the video let me know, I’m thinking of uploading the real time version up on Artstation.

If designing full clothes in Marvelous Designer seems daunting you can use to just import clothes other people have made. On the Marvelous Designer site there are tons of clothes to buy and download. Artstation has a bunch as well.

Here’s a very cool new cloth brush in latest build in Blender. I’m very keen to try this out as well.  Check out this link. Here is someone trying it out.



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