Frozen II, CTN, and Trainee program

75418145_10162528265810274_5937287168501219328_oFrozen II has been released to the world, and it’s been amazing to see everyone’s response to it. So many people have been reaching out on how thrilled they are with sequel. It was such a wonderful experience on this film and feel truly honored to have worked on it and with the wonderful team of artists. Our Set Extension (Matte Painting) team did some amazing establishing shots along with our usual role in helping extend the world. Frozen 2 definitely takes us much further beyond than we’ve ever traveled before.


(Suki Lee and me out front of the main CTN tent)

We recently did a couple panels are CTN Animation Expo where we talked about the work in Frozen 2. Friday night, we had a fabulous Career Camp: The Art of CG Textures, Materials, and Matte Painting. Speaking at this lecture were (starting from Right to Left):  Jack Fulmer, Michelle Robinson, Benny Huang, and myself.


The following day, Saturday morning, Suki Lee and I did our lecture, “The Art of Matte Painting and Set Extension”.


The turn out was great and the audience at both events were very engaging.

All of this would not be possible without our amazing Disney Animation Outreach team. They worked us all to prepare our materials and for the whole CTN event. There are many to name with all the volunteers and helpers behind the scenes, but a very big thanks to Camille Eden, Matt Roberts, and Nicole Dial!!!

While speaking of Outreach, one of my previous posts where we are currently accepting resumes for our Disney Trainee program for Set Extension. The apprentice program is an amazing opportunity and has had many successful outcomes from it’s past attendees. Please apply here. Deadline for Submissions is December 1st. So hurry up and send off your submissions!


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