Photoshop tutorials

A former student of mine, Emma Wittwer, shared with me a great link of awesome Photoshop tutorials by PiXimperfect on YouTube. He has over a 1 million subscribers so he is definitely doing something right.

I started watching one and quickly watched another and another. There are some great techniques locked away in these tutorials. Some I knew, but other handy tips I did not. Always great to break away from your tried and true methods of working in PS, and flex some new muscles. Take a look and give them a try.

Emma was an amazing student and has a great drive to push herself further and further. She was a Rookies winner of two scholarships in 2018. Here is a blog post she recently wrote on her experience. Congrats Emma! Can’t wait to see more of what you accomplish! And thanks for the share on these Photoshop tutorials.

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