SLib Browser PRO

My friend, Emmanuel Shiu, introduced me to this awesome little plug-in for Maya called SLib Browser Pro. The company that makes it, DGDM has a whole laundry list of cool plug-ins of which I’ll delve into more. Right now let’s focus on SLib Browser Pro. It’s a versatile Asset Manager for Maya. It allows you great ease and fluidity to utilize your library of assets in Maya and export new assets to your library.


You have shader/asset import/export capabilities. You can swap textures on selected assets easily. Quickly generate preview images for your library browsing. Supports mutliple render engines (Redshift, Vray, Arnold, etc). You can add meta data to your assets! Search functions within your library utlizing whole library or current catalog or with meta data.

It’s a plug-in for Maya, and works just like any plug-in you would add. Once added you have a drop down bar and a menu tab to access SLib Browser Pro. Here’s the interface at a glance. When you first run it, it asks you were you want to store your library (you can always change it later).


The GUI is pretty clean and intuitive. The main window is the folders within your library. On the top right is your search window. Right hand sign is your preview window. And below that is various tabs for the elements you want to utilize within your library. Let me cycle thru those now.





Kitbash (New feature)


Lights / HDRI Dome




As you can see with each of these, you simple select the item, right click for a context window to import it to your Maya session. Let’s see it in action.

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