B2M3 – create full PBR material from Single image

Substance B2M3 (Bitmap2Material generator) creates a full PBR material from a single source image. It allows you to create a material either with a Metal Rough workflow or Spec/Glossiness workflow.

1_pbr_workflowImage from Substance’s PBR Guide.

I started with an image downloaded from Textures.com. Which has grown tremendously in the past couple years. It now offers scanned data/materials, Substance materials, HDRs, and sculpting brushes for Zbrush/Mudbox.


I brought this image into B2M3.


You literally just drag your bitmap image. It’s that simple.


Here it has automatically created our maps.


But we are far from done. You have a WHOLE slew of drop down dialog window’s to add customization and enhancements. This is where you can really add some magic to this.


All the different maps are tweak-able. You can make your texture seamless, de-light it, add grunge maps to it, increase it’s depth, etc.

Now you just want to export your maps when ready.


You just select the outputs you want for your shader. Select the file format. Pick the folder where you want them saved at, and then export to batch export the maps.

I still have loads to learn from it and try dialing in various images with this tool, but I have to say it’s pretty unbelievable.

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