When is too much, too much?

We all know our jobs are getting more and more complex. There is an ever increasing amount of skills, training, and development needed in VFX and Animation. But when is enough, enough?


Sadly, Never.

This might sound negative, but to me it’s kinda inspiring. What it means is we need to constantly keep our craft skills razor sharp. The technology is constantly changing and advancing, and we need to keep up with it.

For me it’s more about the time organization aspect that is daunting. The one constant is our time is finite.  What do I focus on first? Do I multi-task on this training/exploration? How much can I take on and comprehend?


Should I delve into Substance this week, try more Mash in Maya this afternoon, or test SpeedTree vegetation development? Jump back into Clarisse??

The sandbox to play in has gotten so big, it can be hard to know which toys should be played with next? Then you also have the issue of not developing your old skills too! What you still have things to learn in Photoshop!?! Need to work onsome new composition sketches too?

I don’t have a solution to these problems, all I can say is I try to organize my time to go through the list systematically. I want to be able to “check” off certain items on my list.

Portrait of a business man doing too many work against grey

One common misconception is multi-tasking makes us more efficient. Studies have shown if anything it divides our time where we don’t complete the tasks. They just become bit size nibbles that never get fully solved in a timely manner. I’ve been reading this amazing book: “Deep Work”. It is looking more at how we should partition our time to one mindful task at a time. That the minute we start to either answer an email, read a text, or anything other from the task we were just doing, our mind is now less efficient due to shifting our focus. It is much better to setup large blocks of time for dedicated task where our sole focus of mental awareness can be utilized to solve complex problems uninterrupted.

It’s been a great read and good reminder on what is really important in my day.  Equally important is to be very wary of constant distractions pulling away my focus and attention.

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