Redshift Leaves using Rayswitch and Sprite nodes

In Redshift and Maya to create a double-sided material shader, for a translucent leaf with the Redshift Rayswitch and Sprite nodes. The Rayswitch node always us to made a double sided shader, and the Sprite node always us to cutout our object correctly.

I used a generic SpeedTree Broadleaf tree for this test.


Here are the leaf maps I’m going to pipe into my shader (diffuse, normal, spec, rough, translucence).


Here you can see how I’ve piped it into a shadard Redshift shader. Now if I render this shader on a simple plane.


I made another shader for the backside of the leaf.


Now, I need to create a Ray Switch node. We’ll enable Front/Back.


Drag over with middle mouse your Leaf front shader over the color tab in the Camera field. Then drag over the Leaf back shader onto the Back-face Color tab. You can see how the shaders are linked now.


Here we can see the Rayswitch shader assigned to two cards (I flipped one to see the backside.


The Sprite node comes in to correctly cutout our plane. We’ll middle mouse drag our Rayshift shader into the Shader Input. Under Stencil you’ll find your leaf’s alpha.


Now our render looks like this. It has the correct cutout for the leaf.


Let’s look at our leaf shader applied to a tree.




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