Colorizer Node in World Machine to Texture

You can do some interesting things in World Machine with the Colorizer node to create a base texture for your terrain..

World Machine allows for some simple texturing. Here’s a simple network for a terrain.1_wm_graph

You add a “Colorizer” node. Here you can select from the drop down menu a bunch of presets, or create your own.


Here’s the texture on the terrain.


Now you can use a whole host of nodes to amplify this. Making more selections, combining elements. You can use the Erosion nodes’ deposition, flow, and wear maps to create unique color textures and combine them.


Here I’ve plugged into the Flow map and colorized it masking out a region, then added it back to my original map by combining it. It just depends on what you are looking to get.

You can also create your own color strip for the colorizer. You can base it off of a photo.

Here’s this mountain.


Now I just sample this mountain from the ground up to the peak, and paste into a color strip screen grab.


Then in the colorizer, import it in.


This is how it looks on the terrain we have. Now it’s not awesome but it can be tweaked more.


Now you can combine all of the these ways to create a texture, then export it out as a map to plug into your 3d package of choice.


Right now it’s looking alien waterway, but that can be dialed in. You can really build a heavy network to give you a pretty decent texture map that can be enhance in any other package.

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