Redshift tests

Didn’t have much to mention last week.  I’ve been digging into Redshift renderer. I’m still learning a lot about it, but I will say it’s very intuitive and fast. So I’ve got some random renders to share as I delve deeper into it.

Here’s a shader network.


Here I tested a simple cube with noise displacement to begin looking like Ice.

Image converted using ifftoany

Shader test with metallic surface with maps (maps from Substance site).

Image converted using ifftoany

I’m testing a water shader with a HDR map here.

Image converted using ifftoany

Bringing my mesa model for some tests. I used my original map, then switched to Megascan soil texture. Then used a dome light with an HDR map.


Now, I figured let me plug this shader into my older castle mesa file that was originally rendered in Mental Ray. (The castle is missing it’s textures still). The first two images are using Redshift’s physical sun and sky (like Mental Ray). 2nd image incorporates my WIP water shader. Last two images are using a dome light and two different HDRs.


I’ll be playing with proxies in Redshift next and trying populations (hopefully with Mash).

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