Space Shot

I’ve been wanting to do a Space Shot for awhile. Something reminiscent of old Star Wars with some gritty Alien/Aliens vibe. It’s still got some work left to it.


I got inspired by a Doug Chiang sketch for Episode 1 for a general layout.


Did a quick low poly mockup


I was going to do a 3d render of a planet but it was just quicker to photoshop the background space portion.


Then I wanted to do a kitbash session for the ships to kinda mimic how the old miniatures were created in the old Star Wars. I used Vitaly’s Scifi megastructure for the kit.


I did a simply polygon body for generic structure of ships with various copies of the kit. This is how the ship design ended up at.


I didn’t want to get bogged down with uv’ing these out. So I took a simple approach, I just rendered out a pass with ships uv’s automapped with each of the textures applied.


In Photoshop, I created masks for each layer and edited them out till I got something I liked. Afterwards, it was just usual Photoshop love to pull elements all together.


Hope you guys like where it went in the end.

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