Redshift…oooh yeah!

There has been an explosion over the last few years for really awesome, fast, high quality renderers.The competition is fierce and a lot of these new renderers let you download a free version to try out (some with watermarks, some without on a 30 day preview). Most are actually really affordable now. We’ve seen things go all over the place from old favorites to new hot tickets: Mental Ray, V-ray, Arnold,  Clarisse (it’s more than just a renderer), Octane, Turtle, Maxwell, etc…and REDSHIFT!


I’m digging full tilt into Redshift.  I had heard about Redshift about two years ago from my friend, Brian LaFrance. He’s got a great pulse on the newest and greatest tech. Unfortunately I didn’t jump in right away. I got distracted on which renderer to go with. At that time I was digging into Clarisse (which is still awesome), and deciding about where testing Octane or Redshift. Steve Messing has done amazing things with Octane. I veered back to the Redshift equation when I saw the amazing work of Steve Cormann. Then to top it off I heard that Alex Alvarez from Gnomon is swearing by Redshift these days. So, I’m in!!


Redshift is a super fast GPU renderer. It also has an amazing features set and a myriad of customization possibilities. It supports a wide array of 3d softwares. It’s license isn’t just buying for one program of choice but all programs it supports. So if you use Maya, 3dmax, Cinema4d and Houdini, your license works for all! You don’t have to buy individual software licenses!!


I’m amazed at how intuitive it is. I’m using it with Maya for now. The way it’s setup gui-wise reminds me of Mental Ray a lot. The live render updates when in IPR are amazing. It is blazingly fast in render time! I uploaded a file I rendered in Mental Ray and it killed it!


Redshift has a pretty decent documentation page which has tutorials to get you started in Redshift. Gnomon has a pretty thorough Redshift tutorial.


(renders from Redshift website)


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