It used to be we’d make fun of tv shows like CSI or the like, when they’d get a low resolution image and then conviently “enhance” it and find all the wonderful detail.


But now these silly things might be possible to a certain degree. Thanks to Ronn Brown for posting this on Facebook this weekend: Photo Enhancement

There is actually a lot of research and development going on in this sector that is mind blowing with the help of artificial intelligence.


Algorithms powered by AI created this enhance image, it’s called EnhanceNet-PAT.

Another enhance program is called let’s enhance and allows you to try the tech on their website.


Check out both articles and give the Let’s Enhance website a try. Pretty cool stuff.

One thought on “Enhance….enhance….enhance

  1. You’re welcome. Interesting big change to my personal workflow when widely released. I always thought of that scene in blade runner where Decker used that steampunk looking photo “enhancer”!

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