Space Scene – WIP

Well, I hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend!

We just got back from a great trip over on the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful and amazing to be disconnected from the city gridlock. Very refreshing to be disconnected from internet and cell phone.


So with that in mind, this week’s post is minimal.

I’ve been wanting to do a space shot for a while now. I’ve had one of concepts from the box set of Doug Chiang concept sketches from Star Wars Episode 1 hanging in my studio for years. For some reason I’ve really been drawn to it.


So I decided to do a variation on this concept. Here’s a quick layout of the scene to block it in (I know impressive, right?)


Here’s the planet and star field plugged in.


Floating cubes in the space…nice.

Now to design the large ships and small ship.

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