Marvelous Designer

Looking for another application to add to your arsenal. Well, that awesome program is Marvelous Designer. It allows you to create amazing 3D virtual clothing. It is based in patternmaking and sewing as in fashion, but has been adopted by top game studios and vfx houses. Many concept artists are using it as well.

The results are great details added to costumes and clothing but with very easy and intuitive tools. It also has the capability of sim’ing your clothing. You are basically designing a virtual wardrobe for your characters.

Here’s a couple tutorials I found online:


I chatted with them a month ago at Siggraph, their newest version 7 is coming out soon. If you buy a perpetual license now, you can upgrade to version 7 for free when it comes out. They have a free 30 day version for you to try out.

There are a lot of cool uses for this application. You can work in and out of your familiar packages like Maya or Zbrush with it. If you think outside of the box this program can be used for more than just characters, but for environments as well. Matte Painter and concept artist, Steven Cormann has a recent article where he uses it:

I’m in the early phase of trying it out. It definitely warrants taking a look at.

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