Using the Ipad Pro with Procreate

Well, I’ve been using my Ipad Pro for a month and I have to say I really enjoying having a full size Ipad again. I’ve had an ipad mini for several years now. I originally got the Ipad Pro primarily as a sketching tablet, but I’m finding myself using it for everything. Some of the upgrades I got for the Ipad Pro was the Apple keyboard, which works amazing for typing. It’s super sturdy. I got a screen protector for it and it gives some “tooth” when I draw. I recommend a matte finish. I also got a magnetic grip for the pencil. This works great for two reasons; it allows me some grip when drawing and it allows the pencil to attach magnetically top my ipad cover. A win win.

Procreate is awesome to sketch with. I am delving into more of the commands in using it. I’ll have more drawings to share but here’s one of my first sketches on the Ipad.


Have to say a major thanks to my wife, Tamiko. What an amazing birthday gift. I’m loving it!

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