Convention Summer

My wife and I just finished attending Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. It still doesn’t disappoint. Just an amazing gathering of artists, companies, and fans. I also enjoy catching up with fellow friends there.


Every year there is something new to see and enjoy.

My friend, Eric Wilkerson, attended for his second year as an exhibitor.


He’s been doing some amazing work for Upper Deck Cards with the Marvel Universe characters.

The crazy thing is Comic Con isn’t the only convention going on during the Summer. Disney just finished up it’s D23 Expo.


With not only all the Disney/Pixar characters we love but now Marvel and Star Wars as well.

In a couple weeks we have SIGGRAPH, which is the annual computer graphics convention. This has long been a who’s who for Visual Effects and Animation. Lately VR  and AR are bringing a huge presence. The Electronic Theater is not be missed.

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