Hometown heroes

When we’d release a new movie, the PR dept would ask the cast for their local newspapers in order to see if anyone wanted to do a write-up for anyone on the team. This got me to thinking of my hometown and one of my local heroes, Paul Pelletier.


Paul is a Comic Book Penciller and has worked on basically all the top characters in Marvel and DC Universes and beyond.


I was lucky enough to know Paul through his brothers, Jeff and Andy, when I was in middle school. At the time I was drawing comics and taking local art lessons. Paul was about five years or so older than me. I was always amazed every time I’d visit their house and see his latest work. Paul was all self taught. He would pour over current comic book artists work and learn from them, most notably John Byrne’s work.  Paul also turned me onto similar artists and classic comic books.


He paved the way for a kid from Maine to realize that maybe making a career from art was possible. Paul would work a regular job then come home to work on his art job. He did local work on regional comics then cracked into doing work for Marvel and DC comics.  He’s been going non-stop ever since.

Alpha Flight by Paul Pelletier


Paul was one of the first professional artists I knew before going to college, and he did it all on his own, through hard work and dedication. It sure helped knowing that someone had made it before I started my journey.


I’ve been lucky enough to meet and be mentored by a few professionals before I would become a working artist.  Paul was the first.  When I pop into a local comic shop, I still look to see what is latest his work on the stands. Thanks Paul for the inspiration!

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