All for one and one for all

Things have been very busy for my wife and I. We closed on a house just days after the new year. Since that time, we’ve been trying to figure small updates to the house. Meeting with contractors and architects. Its amazing that even doing such a small changes to a building’s layout requires such work, time, and money.  To say that I’ve been distracted and busy is an understatement. This is a very important and costly decision for us so we’ve been sketching ideas, looking up images for reference on what we’d like to achieve.

This process reminds me very much like researching for a new piece that I’d create, except in this case you are handing over some of the creation  aspects to teams of other people. You have to have trust that you’ve hired the right people to carry out your vision. It made me realize how much directors, production designers, and visual effects supervisors feel when we are working on their films. You have to have faith that your selected team can translate your vision and scope. That you can convey to them along the way if the look and feel of the piece isn’t taking shape and get them back on track. It’s really an amazing process when everyone gels on a project. Such a feeling of synergy.

Since working in the industry over these years, you really count yourself lucky when you work on that special show. It’s amazing to see people’s reaction when you answer their question, “what was your favorite show to work on?” Because if you don’t answer one of the big movies from your studio or resume shows their face drops. Just because a movie tops the charts or has huge actors in it doesn’t mean it was a fun movie to work on. It simply boils down to the people. Did you enjoy the work on the project with your team and the whole projects team. Yes, you can walk away from a mega-show with a cool painting(s) or such, but that is such a singular reward. The lesser known shows or smaller budget shows are fun for another reason too, creatively solving problems with a smaller box to work within.

Synergy is used as a fancy buzzword these days, but when it does happen, well it’s this magical moment that shines so bright for all involved. To see something greater come out from a combined effort than any individual contribution is just beautiful and memorable. Enough of my rambling for this week’s post, and I must get back to my house renovation plans. I’m sure I’ll have more to add about this. Fingers crossed.

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