Substance Painter 1

Now I am delving into the Substance Painter instead of Substance Designer. Again a very clean elegant design and UI.


Let’s load a project. Here is will ask you what type of template material/shader. You will select the Mesh you want to import. The type of file format for the Normal map. Resolution of maps. You can also bring in existing maps you’ve created in other app.


This is a little castle tower I created previously. It comes in as a default white shader. You have a 3d viewer, 2d UV viewer, layers (like Photoshop), properties tab, and a shelf.


Under Textures, you’ll find the maps we loaded with our model. There’s a trick to loading these in more easily. Create a Fill Layer. Under your properties tab, scroll down to Materials. Drag your diffuse over the Base color.


Now you have your base diffuse on, but the UV scale is off. Set it to 1 and 1.


The texture is now displaying correctly.


Start doing some simple painting. You can change the mode for the layer you are painting on like Photoshop and change it’s opacity level.


The strong part of Substance Painter, is being able to paint in as many maps as you like at once. So you can select a yellow base color with a high reflectivity so the roughness will be smooth and the metallic level will be high. In one paint stroke you’ve affected multiple maps.


You can do the same in the Height or Normal.


This works great for dirt, grunge and weathering.


Use the pre-existing materials. Add another fill layer and drag/drop whatever type of material.


Add another layer, add a mask to it and blend between the two.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dynamic particle brushes that work with physics. Filter, Generators, Smart materials, Smart masks, Procedurals, and more!

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