Quiet week….some book recommendations

So, I’ve just been working on training up in Substance this week. Nothing really to report so I figured I’d talk about some books I’ve been reading.


I always have a queue of books on Amazon that I’m itching to download to my Kindle app. Before I go on, I have to say I’m the most amazed at my adoption to reading books on tablets. I’ve always been an avid reader and loved the tactile quality of reading a book. I became an early convert though. I had gone on two overseas business trips for work (about a year apart from each trip). First trip, I brought books to read and bought books while there. I think I came back with my suitcase full of 10-12 books (very much heavier luggage). The second trip, I brought my new Kindle and read 12-15 books while being away but only had to bring back the Kindle. Much much lighter luggage.

So anyway I get sidetracked, here are some books I’m really digging. They got recommended to me from friends, sites I’ve read, blog casts, etc.

  1. Mastery. As the title sounds, it’s to help you reach mastery within an area of focus.
  2. Eat that Frog! Is a self help book to aid in getting things done.
  3. Pivot. What’s next? An ex-Google employee helps you figure where to go next.
  4. Purple Cow. Transforming your business and making yourself stand out.\
  5. The Power of Habit. Delves into the scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed.

Well, that’s it. My little reading list for now. Hope any or all of these are interesting.

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