Agisoft PhotoScan and GDC Battelfront lecture

So you’ve heard me mention Agisoft’s PhotoScan in a couple blog postings.


The program is very cool using photogrammetry techniques to generate models and textures from photos.


I was shown another great video from the team at DICE for Star Wars Battlefront at GDC.

Here’s that video lecture:

What’s great in this lecture is the detailed account of the hurdles the team overcame in order to create such realistic textures and models.


They describe common practices and best tips. I’ve watched some lectures and videos from other studios on this same process.

What I find so interesting is how everyone solves the  problems slightly differently and what did they use to solve these issues.


DICE used programs like Meshlab or TopoGun to help re-topologize the geometry.


Then use other programs like XNormal to generate maps or Zbrush to help remesh.


Another nice cool tidbit was how they went about the de-lighting of the textures.


They would use Object Space Normal Map to remove ambient lighting in Photoshop.

Here’s there example thru that process…




Watch the whole video because it’s great seeing how they tackled this workflow and amazing presentation explaining the steps it took to do it. I’m definitely going to try these tips and then combine them with some of the other tips/tricks I’ve learned from other video/lectures for photogrammetry.

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