An Afternoon with Epic Games in Unreal Engine

I was lucky enough to attend Gnomon’s “An Afternoon with Epic Games in the Unreal Engine” on June 15th.  Andy Hess and Luis Cataldi gave an Introduction to Unreal, a four-hour lecture/workshop. They covered the basics of the program, UI, simple land creation, texturing, and how to incorporate game play/game mechanics. I have been interested in an having an excuse to look more deeply into Unreal and the VR applications of it along with game play.

This event inspired me to look more closely at Unreal and what others have done. A co-worker showed me the amazing “A Boy and his Kite” demo back in 2015. This is stellar. The astounding work put into this. There is an amazing making of for it as well:

Great to watch because it closely linked back to the photogrammetry work I’ve been looking into. The level that they went in terms of acquiring digital assets, r&d, and scale of it all. Then a more updated video to watch as well from this year.

Now to download Unreal and begin messing around with the templates (or blueprints) that they allow to work within and change. The fact that Unreal is a free download and basically an open source for people to develop in is mind boggling. They developed a huge community with this format and collated a great library of tutorials. The fun part now would be to get an VR headset and begin some testing. The application resources and ideas for content hold no bounds.

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