Photoscan testing

Well, I have a version of Photoscan and now I’m going to do some testing.

This is my late at night attempt at it. Here are photos of this metal cast of a dog we have for a door stopper.


I brought these into Photoscan and aligned masked out the area I didn’t want calculated.


Now I run a photo alignment


This generates “cameras” for each photo I have. I didn’t shoot many and only got a small swatch of the object. You run “build Dense cloud”. Depending on number of photos and resolution you select this can take a little bit.


Once the point cloud is processed you then generate it into a mesh.


Here it’s great because it’s projecting the texture on the form as well.  Here’s version with only geometry with a purple shader.


I exported out the geometry as .obj into Maya.


I need to generate uvs and export out the texture map still and setup a proper shader with test render. But for a night’s quick test not bad. I’ll be posting a proper and cleaned up example in the future weeks.



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