Gnomon Live Event: Creating Natural 3d Evironments

A co-worker friend, Brian, invited me to a recent Gnomon live event. It was by Alex Alvarez, Owner/Creator of Gnomon, talking about Creating Natural 3d Environments.


You can watch this event on Livestream in multiple places, either on Gnomon website or Livestream.

HIGHLY recommend anyone to watch this event along with the many other by Gnomon Livestream lectures. This a treasure trove of information at your fingertips. What is great is the events are free if you live in the LA area, you can live stream the event online, or after the event you can watch online later….for FREE!


I’ve been a huge fan of Alex’s training videos over the years, specifically Creating Terrains, Making of “Totem”, and his Forest techniques series. Alex has a great methodical workflow and gives a great ground up approach to building your own library of digital assets.

This lecture was amazing. Alex jumped right into the thick of it with a dense, highly packed lecture on photogrammetry and how to integrate it into your workflow.  Just like so many of his lectures, he takes you through his entire process, leaving nothing out.

Alex introduced the crowd to Agisoft’s Photoscan software. As he stepped through the programs many facets and showed examples of acquisition of these assets, to say the crowd was spellbound was an understatement.

Watch the video, there is a process to getting the digital assets, but Alex goes through it all in such great detail. He steps you through the photography sessions (outdoor and studio). You will have to use multiple applications in order to get these highly detailed models with the high resolution textures.

Here are some photos from that Alex shot:


And here are some examples of the digital assets after going through his process:



I’d say the images speak for themselves. Alex is using for the most part: Zbrush, Maya, Vray, Lightroom, Photoshop, along with Photoscan.

I can’t wait to give the entire process and Photoscan a try!


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