World Machine – Multiple Extents

Here’s a simple build in World Machine.


If you go to the “Render Extents and Project Setup” tab. This build is setup using the default Main Extents setup. I’ve kept the resolution low for demo.


But the cool thing is you create multiple Extents for the same project file. Click “New Extent” and you’ve got another build you can do.


You just go into Layout view with new extent selected in the drop down on the left.


In Layout view, Select the “box” icon. You can move around this extent anywhere in the layout.


Now go back to your Device Workspace and do a new build render with this new Extent 2. Export out Extent2 geometry.


And you can keep building/creating multiple new extents. These can be different size and resolution settings. This is great if you want a hero area built at a much denser resolution, but want the back area to be large swatch at a low resolution.


Import geometry in your 3d package of choice and have fun. I have a small seam in mine because I did a quick drop and create. You can have the extents overlap each other as well.


Just a quick little tip today.

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