World Machine Tips

Well, this weekend was pretty busy with other commitments, but here’s a cool little tip I got from a friend at work.

You can export out your world machine geometry (extent region) cropped to a mask, which when he explained it, totally made sense. For some reason it didn’t dawn on me.

So, take your existing World Machine file.


Let’s say you didn’t want to export the entire extent region (whole square area). Let’s say you just wanted to export out the center mountain. Add an height map file to export out.


So this is the whole area. The center bright white spot is your mountain that you want. Paint in black around whatever you don’t want in Photoshop.

3_hm_wm_croppedThis will be the mask you will pipe into your export mesh node. Create a file read node and hook it up to the mesh node as a mask.


Voila! Only middle mountain will be outputted as a mesh object. What’s great is it still respects the bounding box of your extent. So you can export various pieces of geometry in this bounding area and it will keep it’s positional data. If you aren’t as concerned on defining the mountain mask you could use a layout generator to derive the mask as well.

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