SpeedTree Wind and FBX into Maya

Going back to Speedtree with one of the generic trees I made, I wanted to try exporting out tree animation using the Wind parameter. It’s pretty simple for the most part.


Click the “Wind Properties” button. This will open the editable attributes for the wind.

Click “enable” which will turn on the default settings. You will see the fan icon on the top right of your display window be on (vs. greyed out). You can change the direction and angle.


You can dial the wind variations. Typically under “Gusting” you’ll want to turn it off so you don’t get a sudden surge of wind like a hurricane. Once dialed in, you’ll export out your tree as an FBX file format to bring into your package of choice, for me it’s Maya.


Speedtree has parameters in plug-ins for Maya that allow you bring in the FBX as a Mental Ray fbx or Vray fbx. This is helpful but it does allow for a preset shader that is a little cumbersome. What I was not used to is how the shaders are setup in containers. It took a little getting used to but I was able to rewire the shader with my previous shaders.

Here’s a render test.

Image converted using ifftoany

Then here’s the tree animation rendered out.

Pretty simple overall to do. Now to put it to use in a shot.

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