Wonder-Con, ImagineFX, and more

Well, this week was jam packed. Lots of cool things going on. First and foremost, I saw the highly anticipated “Batman vs. Superman” movie.


No spoilers, but I will say it was fun seeing both characters in the same film with some great action and visual effects.

It was also Wonder-Con this weekend. This year hosted in Los Angeles Convention center. Really nice having it so close.


It felt like attendance was much higher than having it in Anaheim, but I’ll have to see the tallies if it’s true. Scores and scores of costume donned fans roaming the halls. Lots of cool artwork, toys, and comics.  I tried on a pretty sweet Stormtrooper helmet.


And a real highlight this weekend was finding out my friend, Eric Wilkerson, had an article published in the latest issue of ImagineFX.


Eric has a totally awesome article showing how he created a maquette of an alien for his recent artwork, “Alien Lives Matter”. He had been telling me about the piece for awhile.


He shows some amazing techniques on maquette making in his process of creating a believable realistic painting. Can’t wait for his next piece and hopefully future articles. Way to go Eric W!!

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