Vue: VOB objects

Vue Objects or VOB objects are used in the Ecopaint system in Vue.

What is great you can convert a regular object (.obj) into a VOB Object (.vob) to be used in the ecosystem. The only thing you need to do is prepare you object with the appropriate shader first before importing it into Vue.

In Maya, prepare a shader that’s simplier for export. I’ve used a Lambert with only a color map and bump map applied to the object.


Here I’ve taken some of my castle objects applied my lambert shader. Now you can export out of Maya as an .obj. The material will export with the object.

Now, we’ll import them into Vue, “File – Import Object”

castle_obj_imported_vueYou can see, Vue reads the material perfectly. It’s just as easy to export it out as a VOB object. With the object selected, go “File – Save Object”


A pop-up will appear prompting you to same the object now as a vob object.


Inside your material, add an ecosystem. Instead of populating with a plant species. Select Import Object tab.


Here you load up your newly created VOB objects.


You can now scatter these objects just like any other plant species in Vue on geometry.


Instant scattered city with all the parameters to change scale, rotation, slope, color, etc.

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